“THE GOOD FATHER” by Noah Hawley

A doctor’s son, by his first marriage, is being accused (with seemingly indisputable evidence) of assassinating the leading Presidential candidate. His father believes his son is innocent and sets out to prove it,, against his son’s wishes. Captivating, and very smart. A story every parent will feel with their whole heart. I can’t wait to read more from this author! Very well done.


“Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever” by Bill O’Reilly



“Killing Lincoln” is a wonderful book for those who are history buffs, and even for those who aren’t! Beginning with the last few weeks of the Civil War, this book looks at Abraham Lincoln the man, as well as President. It also follows those same weeks in John Wilkes Booth’s life, as this famous theater actor’s resentment and hatred of Lincoln grows and consumes him. I was amazed at the conspiracy behind Lincoln’s assassination by those close to him as well as the President’s firm knowledge that he would be killed in office. O’Reilly’s account was so descriptive, I found myself standing on the battlefield watching the events unfold. A truly insightful and moving account of one of our nation’s greatest tragedies. Very well done.



Greg Iles pens yet another page-turner set in his beloved state of Mississipi. In Third Degree, Laurel Shields, unhappy in her marriage to steady but boring doctor, Warren, has an affair with military hero and helicopter pilot, Danny McDavitt. Never expecting to lose her heart, she suddenly finds herself pregnant and pining to be with the only man she’s ever truly loved. Then suddenly, Laurel is being held hostage by a demented Warren who demands to know who her lover is, threatening the lives of her and their two children. Meanwhile Danny is trying to find a way to leave his shallow beauty pageant wife, without losing his beloved son, Michael, who has autism. As Laurel desperately tries to distract Warren, a less than adept county sheriff’s department tries to come up with a plan to save her. Will Danny be able to use his military skills to circumvent the incompetent sheriff’s attempts to rescue Laurel before the situation comes to a horrible end?

Greg Iles is one of my favorite crime fiction authors and sets his books in and around his hometown of Natchez, Mississippi. In the Natchez of his best-selling crime-fiction novels, Iles confronts issues of poverty, racism and corruption, taking off the gloves in highlighting the issues and traditions, both good and bad, indigenous to the South. Iles weaves an intricate web in each story, layering intrigue and psychological thrills that end with an explosive twist. Third Degree is just one in a long list of excellent, intelligent crime fiction books by an author who is a genius at the genre.


Hello! I’m Cyndi, and I LOVE to read. I mean I REALLY, REALLY love to read! I’ve been an obsessive reader since I was 7 years old.                        I love books of every genre and I read 3-6 books per week. I’ve always kept a log of what I’ve read so I don’t repeat myself. After looking                through my logs one day, and seeing how many I’d read, I decided to make a goal to read 10,000 books in my lifetime. So far I’ve read                                                                                                              approximately 7,985 books.

People are always asking me to recommend a great book or author, so I decided to write a review blog for others who love to read.                              My books are my honest opinion. I feel a great book is one that entertains and educates at the same time. I like a book that                                  challenges my thinking and dares me to see life from a different viewpoint than my own. The main genres I read are; crime fiction                                              (medical, psychological, & legal thrillers), biographies, general fiction, history, psychology, and cookbooks.

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