Hello! I’m Cyndi, and I LOVE to read. I mean I REALLY, REALLY love to read! I’ve been an obsessive reader since I was 7 years old.                        I love books of every genre and I read 3-6 books per week. I’ve always kept a log of what I’ve read so I don’t repeat myself. After looking                through my logs one day, and seeing how many I’d read, I decided to make a goal to read 10,000 books in my lifetime. So far I’ve read                                                                                                              approximately 7,985 books.

People are always asking me to recommend a great book or author, so I decided to write a review blog for others who love to read.                              My books are my honest opinion. I feel a great book is one that entertains and educates at the same time. I like a book that                                  challenges my thinking and dares me to see life from a different viewpoint than my own. The main genres I read are; crime fiction                                              (medical, psychological, & legal thrillers), biographies, general fiction, history, psychology, and cookbooks.

I hope your visit here leads you to a book or author you enjoy.                                                                                                 If so, I hope you visit again soon and tell your friends. I’m always looking for the next great book or author, so I welcome                                                                                                                    your suggestions. Thanks for stopping by!

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