Who are your favorite authors of any genre?


Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot By Bill O’Reilly

Non-Fiction  “Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot” by Bill O’Reilly was fascinating! Based strictly on facts, no theories, it covers recently released and formerly classified information on the death of President John F. Kennedy. It looks into the past of Lee Harvey Oswald, which gives shocking information of a man who went from being a United States Marine, dishonorably discharged, to defecting to the Soviet Union in agreement with their Communist philosophies. Upon returning to the U.S. with his Russian wife, Oswald acquired a job with the U.S. Army creating classified maps. Shocking that a man with that background could acquired a job in intelligence! It also takes a frank look into the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs, along with a very close call that almost set the U.S. at war with Russia in the Cold War. O’Reilly debunks myths and presents facts that makes this book different than any other written on the subject. Very well done.


GUILTY WIVES By James Patterson

One of Patterson’s best EVER! Riveting, exciting, couldn’t put it down! Four pampered, accomplished friends, wives to very successful, wealthy husbands, go on a once in a lifetime weekend to Monte Carlo and end up in a French prison. Who set them up and why? Will they survive a prison where they are tortured daily? Will their husbands stand by them? Or will whoever is behind their fall win by silencing them once and for all? A nightmare they can’t wake up from. Stayed up all night to finish it and it was worth the dark circles under my eyes the next day. Patterson will find Guilty Wives tough to live up to. Stellar writing, a MUST READ for all who enjoy crime fiction.


GOT THE LOOK By James Grippando


Crime Fiction

This is one of my absolute favorite authors and this was the first book of his I read. It’s still my favorite. GOT THE LOOK has an unusual plot. Wives of wealthy husbands are being abducted. A ransom note appears a few days after their kidnapping telling the husband to pay what his wife his worth. Great plot! Rich men will shell out anything for their wives…won’t they? What is your wife worth to you? How much is a fair price for the woman you love? How much will get her back and how little will get her killed? Going into the natural aquifers beneath Florida’s national parks, a game of cat and mouse takes place. I had never heard about the aquifers underground in Florida that is thousands of miles long and 2,000 miles deep. The aquifer completely filters fresh water & pumps it to the surface for consumption by Floridians. It was a fascinating sideline in a fast-paced, entertaining story. The story takes us diving deep down into those aquifers where men go in and sometimes don’t come out. A totally captivating story of intrigue that will make you a huge fan of James Grippando. His humor and innate story-telling ability will keep you coming back. MUST READ.