ICY SPARKS By Gwyn Hyman Rubio

Image  Fiction
A wonderful story of Icy Sparks, an odd 10 yr old young girl growing up in the mountains of Kentucky during the 50’s. Icy grows up among a menagerie of unusual people in her community that instigate and humiliate Icy because of croaks, grunts and physical spams that will eventually be diagnosed as Tourettes Syndrome, a neurological disorder. An evil fourth grade teacher and jeering classmates makes Icy’s life miserable but she goes home to loving and adoring grandparents. Icy ends up in a children’s asylum to get to the bottom of this peculiar condition. There she learns that there are those far more scarred than she, and finally blooms when she gets back home to her Appalachian community where she has her first romance and finds that singing frees her from her inner prison and her heart is healed by her singing. A beautiful tale about celebrating differences in people and looking further for the good and talents we all have hidden within. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

One thought on “ICY SPARKS By Gwyn Hyman Rubio

  1. This sounds like great read. My Irish ancestors settled in the Appalachia and I still have relatives there. My dad told about a teacher he had as a child down there, and she was mean.

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