GUILTY WIVES By James Patterson

One of Patterson’s best EVER! Riveting, exciting, couldn’t put it down! Four pampered, accomplished friends, wives to very successful, wealthy husbands, go on a once in a lifetime weekend to Monte Carlo and end up in a French prison. Who set them up and why? Will they survive a prison where they are tortured daily? Will their husbands stand by them? Or will whoever is behind their fall win by silencing them once and for all? A nightmare they can’t wake up from. Stayed up all night to finish it and it was worth the dark circles under my eyes the next day. Patterson will find Guilty Wives tough to live up to. Stellar writing, a MUST READ for all who enjoy crime fiction.

2 thoughts on “GUILTY WIVES By James Patterson

  1. I love your synopses when you post about books you really like. No spoilers, but I can tell by the zest of your writing, you were super into this.

    • Thanks for the compliment! Reading is my biggest passion in life, besides family of course! If I couldn’t read for a whole day I think I’d go into withdrawl! lol Reading over 8,000 books so far in my life, I’ve read just about everything there is out there and I get tired of cookie-cutter books that all seem alike after a while. But I like books that teach me something, or at least give a big twist on the same theme. I’m kind of a strict critic because of this. I like James Patterson, but I don’t love him. Some of his books are great, however, a lot are co-written and seem cookie cutter. BUT, Guilty Wives was riveting and a wild ride! Couldn’t put it down and read it cover to cover in 4 hours. Absolutely one of his best.

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