THE LIFEBOAT By Charlotte Rogan

 The survivors of a shipwrecked ocean-liner (a few years after the Titanic) lost at sea on an over-filled lifeboat struggle to survive the wreck, the sea and each other. Grace, newly married and on her honeymoon finds herself aboard a lifeboat with a menacing sailor and a building mutiny. Who will win? Will they be rescued before the sea gets them or before they get each other? Will Grace be able to use her wits once again to save herself? And once the ordeal is over and they are called into court to account for their actions, will they be exonerated for doing desperate things in desperate times? A historical novel based on the dog-eat-dog world we live in today. A well-written and interesting look at our will to survive. PRETTY GOOD READ


One thought on “THE LIFEBOAT By Charlotte Rogan

  1. Sounds interesting.

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