If you remember the mess that John Edwards was during his brief run for President of the United States and followed it, you will enjoy yet another take on the story. Andrew Young and his wife wrote a book about it, Elizabeth Edwards wrote a book partially about it and now the other woman, Rielle Hunter has told her sto…ry. You know what they say, there’s her side, his side and then the truth. Actually , this was a pretty good book. As “new agey” as they said she was, Rielle made a lot of sense in this book. I don’t know about the truthfulness of it all, but she had some incredibly enlightened things to say. Most shocking was that she wrote this and she and John Edwards are still speaking! She doesn’t pull any punches and didn’t try to cut him any slack. She also doesn’t adhere to the “don’t speak ill of the dead” theory either when it comes to Elizabeth, but I do believe her account of Elizabeth Edwards’ psychotic behavior as I’ve read many accounts of her uncontrollable rage, yet had this innocent victim persona. As the other woman, Rielle doesn’t seem a bit sorry. She doesn’t feel the least accountable for moving in on what she termed an abusive and disastrous marriage. It certainly was insightful after hearing all the rumors and I do recommend it for a fast and captivating read! Good Book!


THE SURGEON By Tess Gerritsen


¬†Written by my very favorite female author, Tess Gerritsen (a former doctor) writes excellent crime fiction! THE SURGEON is one of her best. In the Rizzoli and Isles series, a diabolical serial killer is on the loose, executing people with the skills of a talented surgeon. Gerritsen writes with a flair that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Full of twists and turns you never saw coming, there isn’t one dull moment in this book. I read it every second I could and amidst my busy life, I still managed to read it in 2 days. Gerritsen has written many books so you have a lot good books ahead of you if you like this author! there is also a TV show made from this series called Rizzoli & Isles. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

THE LIFEBOAT By Charlotte Rogan

 The survivors of a shipwrecked ocean-liner (a few years after the Titanic) lost at sea on an over-filled lifeboat struggle to survive the wreck, the sea and each other. Grace, newly married and on her honeymoon finds herself aboard a lifeboat with a menacing sailor and a building mutiny. Who will win? Will they be rescued before the sea gets them or before they get each other? Will Grace be able to use her wits once again to save herself? And once the ordeal is over and they are called into court to account for their actions, will they be exonerated for doing desperate things in desperate times? A historical novel based on the dog-eat-dog world we live in today. A well-written and interesting look at our will to survive. PRETTY GOOD READ