“THE GOOD FATHER” by Noah Hawley

A doctor’s son, by his first marriage, is being accused (with seemingly indisputable evidence) of assassinating the leading Presidential candidate. His father believes his son is innocent and sets out to prove it,, against his son’s wishes. Captivating, and very smart. A story every parent will feel with their whole heart. I can’t wait to read more from this author! Very well done.


3 thoughts on ““THE GOOD FATHER” by Noah Hawley

  1. This sounds like it would be very interesting! Do you know of any other books by this author? Is there a movie made from this novel? If so, I wouldn’t mind seeing it! I am a father and I would do anything for my daughter so I can put myself in this man’s shoes. Please let me know if it was worth it once you finish reading it!

    • Yes, Noah Hawlery has written other books as well. “The Punch”, “A Conspiracy of Tall Men”, and “Other People’s Weddings”. I haven’t read his other one’s yet, but I know that I will. No movie made yet from this book, but it would make a wonderful suspense movie! “The Good Father” is well worth reading, one of the best books I’ve read in a while. Full of twists and turns you never expect.

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